Who are we?
Tailored to your needs
Many options to suit your business
Service your clients from here!
Business Internet Services
Inexpensive solutions
Full business support
Can't afford the others? Check us out.
Email distribution to your valued clients
Special note:    We use an aggressive spam filter on all email accounts blocking 95% to 100% of all spam and viruses.
Secure Client Access

Our clients use a secure server to access their personal accounts.

Any documents you need to send to your clients or wish to view on line can be done using our secure.hfxmail.com server.

Account Access

HfxMail.com provides a full service console where you can manage your own affairs.

  • Straight forward pop server (hfxmail.com)
  • Manage your own spam filter
  • Want to add another email address?
  • Change a password or disable an account?
  • Create your own vacation message?
  • Redirect your mail anywhere in the world?

    You can do it yourself or email us and we will do it for you!
  • What do you want?

    The days are gone when you have to take what you are given. We offer a full range of services and options.

    You are not restricted to a plan... you make your own plan and we make it fit the way you do business.

    Our services start at 'very simple' and go through to as complex as you need. And we have programmers to properly blend your web/email/ftp presence to your company. Our goal -> a seamless integration of services.

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