The internet is a place where you can extend a welcome to existing and potential clients. Your web presence shows your community, your country and the world who you are and how ready you are to meet their needs.

The internet can be a convenient place to offer your clients special services such as:

  • an on-line order desk - an error free link between company and client,
  • brochure pick up either open or password protected,
  • newsletter distribution to all or specific groups of clients,
  • serve pages or catalogue items without creating each page!
These are just a few of the services you can employ when you work with We offer a protected MySql environment that is for your exclusive use. If you have a programmer on staff then your access will be through the Perl programming language using a cgi-bin service or PHP 4 right from your regular web directories.

If you prefer, we can do the work for you. Our experienced programmers can make your company's web presence efficient, fast and reliable. The days of expensive programming solutions are gone! Using one or both of these two languages the work is created quickly, costing much less than you might think.

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