Newsletter Distribution is just that - distributing your newsletter to your clients or branch offices. Why use us? Because! Now go to your room. Because we have the tools to do it right every time.
  • We track the emailing and let you know who receives it and who does not.
  • We can group the emailing however you want.
  • We can provide a web channel so your clients can read it on-line as well (with "who is reading" tracking).
  • We can support that web presence with a clickable link in an email to all your clients.
  • We can password protect any access.
  • We can provide an "opt-out" feature in any email and report to you who uses that feature.
What's missing in this list? How about a Transcription Service. You have made notes but don't have time to get it in a "Newsletter" format. We can do that too!

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