HfxMail.com offers a variety of web service plans from Non-profit Organization Basic Service to Full Business Plan. the plans are there to help you decide on what is right for you.

We actually mix and match any options you need. If there is a service that would be right for your company and we don't offer it... we'll invent it and integrate it into your plan. Therefore, you can customize any plan to meet your need. After all, the bottom line is: you need service to make you efficient and more effective, and we are solution providers.

The Web Services Plan can give you:

  • 20 MBytes of space,
  • unlimited email addresses for your company,
  • BusinessFTP Channels between your clients and your company,
  • cgi-bin availability,
  • email notification of transactions occuring on your web site,
  • secure server availability (at a competitive rate),
  • hourly statistical analysis of your web site,
  • preferential status with our database programming partner,
  • Custom feature not yet thought of but would help your company.

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